Our musicians


Dr.  Urša Šivic, choir master

Dr. Urša Šivic, a graduate in musicology, is employed at the  Glasebnonarodopisni inštitut (Institute for Ethnological Music) at ZRC SAZU. She is interested in researching folk vocal songs and their transformations in the modern times.






Drago Rozman, musician

He made our first music arrangements. Unfortunately, our friend Drago passed away too early.


Vlado Podlogar, musician

Vlado is the author of the majority of our current music arrangements.


Robi Juvan, accordion

Robi was our first accordion player and in the beginning our solely musician. In the past he was active at AFS France Marolt.


Darko Javornik, accordion

Darko plays the accordion. He joined the group ten years ago.







Ivan Trstenjak, button accordion

Ivan is our folk musician, namely, he plays the button accordion.
Ivan is the author of the music arrangement for the Carinthian dances svatbeni plesi.

“You do not know grief, if you really love music,
when you discover treasure in it, you will be really rich.”
(Marjan Stare)







Roman Lazar, accordion

Roman plays the accordion, he joined the group in 2017 and is welcome invigoration of our music team.


Klara Cerar, clarinet

Young and attractive girl is allready ten years with the group. She plays the first clarinet.

“Man is like a thread of a great rug; only after a while can we see that we are weaving a beautiful pattern with the others.”





Taja Klopčič, clarinet

Taja is the youngest member of our crew, she joined us in September 2017 and she plays the second clarinet.


Jeretina, bass